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Sasha, Braylynn, & Shak = SABRAK

Shaneika "Charly" Pinola is the owner and stylist of Sabrak Boutique, “The Melrose of Inglewood.” But before stamping her mark on Manchester Boulevard, Charly’s passion for fashion emerged back in her high school days when she dressed friends and went on marathon shopping sprees. From these experiences, she discovered that she was a born buyer and stylist. She took her desire to make the world--and everyone around her--more beautiful by developing her brainchild, Sabrak Boutique. Charly incorporates her love for fashion with family, naming the shop after herself and two of three daughters- Shak, Sasha, and Braylyn. Charly has fostered a space where women of all body types and styles can experiment with a new look, under the guidance of an experienced and cutting-edge stylist. Charly believes women who come into Sabrak should receive confidence, hope, positivity and motivation from stylists who truly strive to meet their needs. “At Sabrak we are a lifestyle. We create a comfortable, relaxed environment where women can share their stories,” says Charly. She wants guests to feel like they are friends coming over to get dressed out of her closet. But unlike friends who sometimes indulge our insecurities, Charly doesn’t play into any negative self-talk. “My intention is to help women feel and look their best, no matter where they are in their lives right now.” And unlike crowded and impersonal department stores that leave customers alone to their own devices, Charly makes an extra effort to assist her clients, even if it means convincing them not to get a more expensive, yet less flattering outfit.

With a delectable and limited collection of shoes, earrings, handbags and neck pieces, Sabrak Boutique can be a girl’s best kept secret in a world of mass-produced fashionistas thanks to Forever 21, H&M and American Apparel. And if they don’t carry a signature piece that you’re dying to don to the next big soirée, Charly also offers guests the option of putting items on a request list, which she accommodates as best possible. So next time you’re heading for the nearest mall, re-route your GPS to 3120 West Manchester Boulevard--you won’t regret it!

What Makes Us Different? We specialize in personal styling. It is our goal to help you look and feel your best afford-ably!

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Call Sabrak: 310-674-2677

Call Sabrak: 310-674-2677